Hello and welcome! Welcome to a place of #mumlife, #lowtoxlife and everything essential oil related.

We are Jenny and Tammy. We are not inspirational speakers, life coaches or anything fancy like that. We are best friend mums keeping it real and trying to do the best we can for our families.

Essential Oils became part of our lives a couple of years ago when our children were sick with their first few colds and we started to question the traditional remedies, such as Vicks Vaporub. When we discovered what these products actually contained in them (turpentine and petrol) we were horrified and needed to find something natural but effective. Enter Essential Oils, and specifically the doTERRA Easy Air blend which is specifically designed for respiratory support. Exactly what we needed. And it actually worked! The rest – as they say – is history, and here we are wanting to educate you on the power of Essential Oils and be a resource of support on your low tox life journey.